About US

I am a web developer in Alltoit technologies based on Delhi. My specialty is developing dynamic web applications with the help on client side scripting java HTML CSS, Jquery and SEO friendly design. I have the years of experience to work in open source frameworks WordPress, Code Igniter, Cakephp, Larval also well in core label coding.

I am a back-end server side developer

A server-side Web application logic and back-end web developer job is responsible for the integration of front-end web developers. Back-end developers usually front-end web services and APIs used by developers and mobile application developers about.

A good job description and a job ad for a back-end developer writing require proper separation of concerns. Advertise your job, when you’re looking for an advanced back-end web developer posting details in a normal web developer, who have absolutely no knowledge about the people who specialized in the manufacture of front-end user interface There are several applications or web designers will bring programming.

The technologies and knowledge that are common to all web developers, and some that are specific back-end developers. This article is a sample back-end web developer job description that will help you write ads and assure a perfect job that you can easily find and hire the person that will provide you with your specific criteria.


I am an open minded friendly person Mature Patience full Person with IT Background always try to learn new things quick learn to improve my knowledge loyal or smart working easily complete task. I like to spend a time with my friends I will happy when meeting my friends takes a time to adjust in new environment. My hobbies are playing a cricket, blogging, net suffering or coding.