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Google search engine

A Google search engine is a web application program designed to help users fined the  information on the World Wide Web. It  collects the web page indexes  form Internet  resources  (Web  pages,  Newsgroups, programs, images, video, etc.) and provides a keyword for particular information, search system allowing the user to identify and retrieve Data form resources. The most important thing to note about Google is that it shares each and every page and a file of collected and indexed resources.

Google operators

Google gives special terms or conditions  known that advanced operators  its help to you perform  more  advanced  search.  These  operators,  if you  used properly, that’s help you get to exactly the Data or any information  you’re looking for without spending too much time over page after page of search results. When advanced operators are not use in a the search query, Google will locate your search terms in any  area of the Webpage , including the title, descriptions, URL, or the like. We take a look at the

Google Advanced Search Techniques

Advanced operators:

intitle, allintitle  inurl, allinurl,  Filetype,  Allintext,  Site, Link, Inanchor, Daterange, Cache, Info, Related, Phonebook, Rphonebook,  Bphonebook,  Author,  Group,  Msgid,  Insubject,  Stocks,  Define

some very important  explained


intitle: find your keyword or query  search to in the titles of web pages. The some variation or example following,

allintitle: finds info where in all the words  specified mark  up  the title  of  the  web  page.  It’s  probably  best  to  avoid  the allintitle: variation,  because  it  doesn’t  mix  with  some  of  the  other syntax’s.
intitle:”techno rishi”    that query fine a techno rishi word in all web page titles not in page contants
allintitle:”pc  suppliers” computers that fine pc supplier in title or computer in web page constants

inurl: that   your search to the URLs of web site or other web pages  .that query find a your topic in page URLs or find or word in listed in URL s
allinurl:download software

intext:  its search  only  body  text of web pages (i.e.,  ignores  link  text,  URLs,  and titles). There are  allintext: combinations , but again, this do not  play well with others thinks . While its uses are Limited, it’s perfect for finding your topic  words that  too common in URL or link Titles.


inanchor: search you query  in text in a  link anchors on web pages . A link anchor is the  text of  a  link that takes a other page link .  For  example,a technorishi is a  anchor  in  the HTML  code  or that hold a link

<a href=””>TechnoRishi</a> is “Harshit ”


Site: its allows you to search a your query  for  specific domain . bing , for example, you have   two syntax for this function (host: and domain:), but Google has only the one.

link: returns a list of pages linking to any URL in your query . Enter and you will  be returned a list of pages that link to Yahoo.


cache: finds anther  page that Google indexed  its mean google makes a copy of the web page in cache memory for some can see your web page in previous google cache memory

this query gives you a goole last cache date for any site you can se a following screen shoot



daterange: if you want a limits of your search to a particular date of any page was indexed. its very  important to find with a date limited is not limit for page creation , but its a date limit when google indexed the page, so page created on march 3 and not index by google until may 12 could be fond with date range may 12

filetype:  search you topic with the file extension name. this are use fully, but not necessarily, different file types if i want a search a with file type like html that means i don’t want a other pages ASP PHP CGI and so forth type  so i can use that for search a These File: PowerPoint  (PPT),  Excel  (XLS),  and  Word(DOC).

india history filetype:pdf

” human resource” filetype:ppt

thats query show you a power point file of your topic if you click on any search then download is start automatically  you can see a following screen shot of that query


Related: realted query find a page that arealted to the any selected brand or any particular specific topic. Not all topics or other pages this is a good for search to a tag category of page search for related would gives a different type of search result.


Few examples
here using    operators  we  find some different type  information on the  web pages,  Newsgroups, programs, images and loat of various type information search in a various examples now let start   :

*Credit Card Numbers

*Software / MP3’s

The following  example gives  interesting  searches. how can fine a some secrete data on google. after that you takes a  right info on google that’s means Google on you figure

Try a few of these searches:

*put a that string in google search box :

?intitle:index.of? mp4

if you want a any specific song or singer / artist you can  add the name of the song/artist/singer.
Example: ?intitle:index.of? mp4 Akon

that give you a akon songs in m4 format

inurl:ADOVE filetype:zip

You can change the search query  to what  you want, ex. microsoft to adobe, iso to zip etc…

“http://*:*@www” domainname


This string get inline passwords from search engines (not just Google), you must type in the query followed Other   domain name without the like .com or .net
This  search  reveals  channel  keys  (passwords)  on  IRC  as  revealed from IRC chat logs.

allinurl: admin mdb

Not all of these pages are administrator’s access database that  containing user user name , passwords and other sensitive information, but many are!

do you want a serial number for Windows Xp pro. In the
google search result just  type in just like this –

“Windows XP Professional” 94FBR

The key is the 94FBR code. It was included with many MS Office

registration  codes  so  this  will  help  you  for a full version software pr windows
Or if you want to find the serial for winzip 2.1 –
“Winzip 2.1″ 94FBR


Write these code on Google for that a combo of find your stuff that you want a scientific format


Now enjoy the Following query on google

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) inurl:(http+forum)  (exe|zip|rar|r01)
“index of”+”parent directory”

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (exe|zip|rar|r01|7z) intitle:”index of”


inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (mp3|wma|ogg|7z|zip|rar)

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (dir) (exe|zip|rar|r01|7z) “index of”

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (vid|dir) (mpg|avi|mov) “index of”

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (vid|dir) (mpg|avi|mov) “parent

directory”  “infoman”

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (“[VID]“|”[DIR]“) “parent directory”

(mpg|avi|mov) “infoman”

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) “index of /”+(mpg|wmv|avi)

inurl:(htm|html|php|asp) (“index of”|”Parent directory”)


if you wnat a movies try the following query 

(xvid|dvdrip)  “index of”

















inurl:”” intitle:”index of”

the following query give search your staff in these format  so enjoy the google search and make our life faster to common peoples


inurl:”” intitle:”index of” (zip|exe)




torrent inurl:”” intitle:”index of”


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